Audioflow Speaker Switches

Audioflow Speaker Switches

In a conventional Sonos or Bluesound household installation, you may have a number of rooms with in-ceiling speakers installed (or other conventional speakers). Typically, you would have a separate amplifier for each room or ‘Zone’.

While this setup allows for great flexibility, offering different music at different levels in each room, this level of system control and independence come at the added cost of multiple amplifiers.

For the budget or space conscious, what if you wanted a solution that offered the same great sound, at a significantly lower cost while remaining flexible? Step this way…

Audioflow Speaker switches offer the cost-effective solution for Multiroom audio.

The Audioflow Speaker switch is a ‘Smart’ speaker switch that works with a single amplifier driving multiple pairs of speakers. The speakers can be turned on and off independently but will always play the same music at the same relative volume. The Audioflow will also protect the amplifier when all of the speakers are on at the same time.

Turning the speakers connected to your Audioflow on and off is easy. There is Audioflow’s intuitive Smartphone App & the buttons on the Audioflow unit itself. However best of all, controlling your speakers is as easily as saying ‘Alexa, turn the kitchen speakers off’ with Audioflow’s Alexa integration. If you are lucky enough to have a Smarthome with Control4, Rithum or ELAN then Audioflow is fully integrated.

The Audioflow could be an ideal upgrade to the (slightly inconvenient) clunky pushbutton speaker selection switch you’ve had in the cupboard under the stairs for a number of years.

An Audioflow switch is intended for straight-forward end user setup with a small screwdriver for connecting the speaker cables and a quick wi-fi setup using the dedicated smartphone app.

In a real-world scenario this may work well in a bedroom with in-ceiling speakers and its ensuite bathroom also with speakers. You’d typically have music playing throughout but the Audioflow switch gives you the option to isolate one pair of speakers or the other if someone is watching TV while the other listens to a bit of jazz while taking a bath.

The UK is well known for its inclement weather; it may be difficult to justify the cost of a dedicated amplifier to drive a pair of outdoor speakers for outdoor family get-togethers. Use an Audioflow Switch to pair up the outdoor speakers with the dining room or living room.

Top Tip: The cost saving of the Audioflow Switch against the amplifier can then be used to invest in bigger speakers or a smart speaker in another room!

A lovely solution that works a treat.

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