Do Sonos offer In-Ceiling Speakers?

Do Sonos offer In-Ceiling Speakers?

Sonos are well known for their multiroom home audio. Offering Amps, Soundbars and Standalone speakers they have really taken to the home audio market over the last 20 years and continue to grow with small and large portable speakers. While Sonos do not directly offer in-ceiling speakers, they do have their technology being used in speakers.

Introducing Sonos by Sonance

Sonos by Sonance is a collection of installed passive speakers for indoor and outdoor use designed and optimised for Sonos Amp in partnership with Sonance.

In-Ceiling Speakers - Buy Here

Sonos by Sonance - In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) | Ceiling Speakers UK

  • Brilliant, wall-to-wall sound at any volume

In-Wall Speakers - Buy Here

Sonos by Sonance - In-Wall Speakers (Pair) | Ceiling Speakers UK

  • Front-row stereo sound for TV and more

Outdoor Speakers - Buy Here

Sonos by Sonance - Outdoor Speakers (Pair) | Ceiling Speakers UK

  • Brilliant, wall-to-wall sound at any volume


 Tailored for premium performance, these Architectural by Sonance speakers are designed to work with Sonos Amp. They feature custom-tailored acoustic components, while Trueplay technology automatically adjusts EQ based on your room’s dimensions. Each speaker boasts a minimalist design to blend with your home’s décor.

Sonos Architectural by Sonance.

With a shared commitment to superior sound and great design, Sonos and Sonance have partnered on a collection of architectural passive speakers optimised for Sonos Amp.

The Sonos experience

Power these speakers with Amp, which applies custom digital signal processing for enhanced sound, to enjoy the full Sonos experience, including control with the Sonos app and Apple AirPlay 2.

All-around sound

Ideal for ambient listening, these speakers deliver crystal clear sound for comfortable listening from anywhere in the room.

Customised sound

Amp unlocks Trueplay™, which accounts for the size, construction, and layout of the room where the speakers are placed and adjusts for the best possible sound.

Designed to disappear.

The specially-designed round, or optional square, grilles can be painted to match your ceiling.

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