What are single stereo speakers?

What are single stereo speakers?

A single stereo ceiling speaker offers full stereo sound from a single speaker unit and is especially useful for installations in smaller rooms.

A typical ceiling speaker consists of two separate speakers, one providing the left channel audio and the other right - resulting in stereo sound, when both speakers are played together.

A single stereo speaker is able to receive both left and right audio channels and produce stereo sound from one speaker.

A single stereo speaker is typically able to produce stereo sound as it has two tweeters [What is a tweeter] whereas a typical ceiling speaker has one. Each tweeter handles one channel of audio, one handles right while the other handles the left. The bass driver in the unit hands all the non-directional lower frequencies for both the right and left and there is only one of these needed in a single stereo speaker. It is this design which allows you to have stereo sound from one speaker. Commonly the tweeters are adjustable to allow you to direct the sound.

While having one speaker opposed to two sounds like a good idea, it is only recommended this be done in smaller rooms. When wiring speakers each speaker requires a separate run - With a single stereo you would need two runs of “two-core” speaker cable to feed both audio channels from the amplifier - Alternatively you can run “four-core” speaker cable which will essentially be two runs of “two-core” in a single outer jacket.

Where would I use a Single Stereo Speaker?

Single stereo speakers are commonly used for installations where space is limited. Most common places for single stereo speakers are smaller bedrooms and bathrooms where you can listen to your favourite playlist in stereo sound.

How do I Power a Single Stereo Speaker?

Most single stereo speakers are passive, which means that they will need to be connected to an amplifier, for more information on do you need an amplifier in each room check out our blog post here

What Speaker should I choose?

There is no easy way to identify what speaker is best for you, but Ceiling Speakers have a solution - We have a dedicated sales team with decades of experience. They can help you get the best out of your budget and find the perfect speakers for you.

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