How to Install Ceiling Speakers

How to Install Ceiling Speakers

Step 1: Gather Tools.

Once placement of the speakers has been decided a few tools will be required to assist with installation:

  • Protective goggles (safety first!)
  • A ladder (This is to help you reach the area where you want to install your in-ceiling speakers.)
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil and a template of the speakers (usually privided with speakers)
  • A laser level (Recommended)
  • Stanley knife or plasterboard cutter (This is for scoring the plasterboard before you start cutting, to avoid chipping paint, plaster, etc.)
  • Holesaw to start the hole for the speaker
  • Wire cutters to strip the wires
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 2: Prepare the Area.
Place the ladder to reach the desired location of your first speaker. Use the stud finder to find all nearby studs or ceiling joists. 

Once you know where the joists are, trace the area of the ceiling speaker using the template found in your speaker box.

Tape the template to the wall before tracing it with a pencil. Use the stanley knife to score the plasterboard where you traced your template to make it easier for you to cut using the holesaw to start the hole and then use the plasterboard cutter to cut the hole.

Make sure to cut inside the line, because the plasterboard cutter has a thicker blade that might widen or go over the lines. Go all the way around the circle until you have everything edged out using the stanley knife.

Step 3: Cut the Hole for the Speaker.
Before you remove the plasterboard, make sure you are wearing your goggles to protect your eyes from dust or debris during the cutting process.

Grab your stanley knife and cut all the way around in one direction, following closely the circle that you traced and scored.

Step 4: Install the Speaker.
Test the area to make sure that the in-ceiling speaker will fit perfectly.

If using a Universal Fire Hood, this will need to be inserted first, then fixed into place using a sealant.

Carefully push the speaker into the hole until it is in place. At this point, we are ready to connect the speaker and attach it to the ceiling.

  • Remove the grill from the speaker.
  • Pull the wires from the ceiling and strip each of the two conductors about half an inch to uncover the copper strands.
  • Connect the wires to the speaker and insert it back to the ceiling.
  • Tighten the speakers in place with the screws along the perimeter of the speaker.
  • Before placing the grills back, adjust the direction of the sound by adjusting the swivel tweeters. Once completed, you can paint the grill to match your decor.

And that’s it. You can now start enjoying a seamless whole-house audio experience.

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